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Unfolding Stories: The Art of Journalistic Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has evolved into various captivating styles that beautifully capture the essence of love. From the journalistic style to carefully posed settings, wedding photographers have embraced different approaches to immortalize the profound moments found during a wedding day

Bride and groom release doves on their wedding day
"Dove Release!"

One style that has gained popularity is Journalistic wedding photography. By observing subjects when they are entirely unaware of the photographer's presence, this style uniquely captures genuine and authentic emotions.

A bride and groom dance late into the night
"Late-Night Dance"

A style that reflects the essence of the occasion is Candid photography. Candid photographers lightly direct key moments, skillfully enhancing the atmosphere with minimal intervention, to draw-in the viewer.

An intense bride is ready to toss the flowers at her reception
"Hey, Lauren!"

While Journalistic and Candid styles capture authentic moments, Still-Life photography celebrates the beauty found in the details, preserving the ambiance and atmosphere of the special day.

Shoes and flowers
"Friends of the Bride"

No wedding day would be complete without beautifully composed portraits. The Portrait style intimately connects the bride and groom with their carefully curated wedding venue, capturing not only their love but also the unique ambiance of their setting. With meticulous attention to detail, carefully posed portraits evoke a sense of elegance and timelessness.

Kelly adjusts her wedding dress before her wedding ceremony
"The Elegant Bride"
"By The Fountain"

Yet, Journalistic Photography remains vital for weddings, uniquely immortalizing profound and once-in-a-lifetime emotion found during a wedding day.

The bride says goodbye to her dog friend
A loving groom gazes at his bride
Mother and daughter are dancing during the reception
"Mother and Daughter"

True magic springs from the harmonious combination of these various styles inside of a wedding album. Candid, Still-Life, and Portrait images synergistically complement Journalistic images, resulting in a comprehensive and captivating collection of memories that forever bring a wedding to life.

two pages of a wedding album that features a first glance before the wedding ceremony
Wedding Album
"First Glance"
two pages of a wedding album that features a wedding reception
Wedding Album
"Wedding Reception"

In general, art is a diverse and creative form of expression that encompasses various mediums, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and more. It allows individuals to communicate ideas, emotions, and experiences in thought-provoking works that engage and inspire. Art can be open to interpretation, and has the power to evoke strong emotions and spark conversations.

Within the realm of artistic expression, wedding photography stands out as a powerful platform for storytelling and capturing the essence of the day's love and celebration.

Passing Time
"Passing Time"
A tired bride after a long day
Bride and groom attack each other during their cake cutting
"Cake Attack!"
The bridal table
"The Bridal Table"

While wedding photography continues to evolve and push technical boundaries, its goal remains constant: to create timeless and cherished art of one of life's most significant milestones.

A late night with friends

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