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Discovering Wedding Ideas

Kickstart your wedding day during the Because We Love wedding ideas workshop, where we will develop ideas together and help you create a new vision. Join us to unleash your creativity and craft a remarkable celebration that reflects your unique love story.

The bride and groom are excited after their ceremony
"After the Ceremony"
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Ready to bring your dream wedding to life? Join the inspiring Because We Love wedding ideas workshop led by Robert Winton. Whether you're just starting your planning, seeking fresh inspiration, or looking to problem-solve, get ready for an exciting journey where endless possibilities await!

Groom admires his bride next to a window
"A Window View"

Drawing upon his extensive experience and creative insight, Robert will share unique ideas and suggestions to help make your wedding day look extraordinary and create a magical and unforgettable experience.

Wedding fireworks with bride and groom in foreground portrayed in an album layout.

Robert will also guide you through some practical ideas to help cope with crowded timelines, unexpected problems, quirks of the wedding industry, unpredictable embarrassments, and troublesome guests.

journalistic wedding photographer captures the bride and groom sharing a slow dance after the ceremony
"Slow Dance"

This workshop is based on Robert's real-life experience of working with couples from conceptualization to album delivery. Robert's insights make each workshop useful, practical, and full of heart.

Groom stands on a park bench, kissing his bride-to-be.

Your aspirations will be honored as we explore ideas that align with your personal vision and culture.

A nervous bride with her father before the ceremony
"Seconds Before"

Join Robert in a relaxed bookstore or coffee shop setting to dive deep into wedding ideas while enjoying a cup of coffee.

wedding album images during late night
Because We Love Album
"Late at Night"

Workshop locations include Jim Thorpe, Wilkes‑Barre, Easton, Allentown, and nearby areas.

groom dips bride during their first dance
"First Dance"

Interested in exploring ideas with a pro? Reach out to schedule your two-hour Because We Love wedding ideas workshop. This enriching experience is available for $50.

The studio will cheerfully refund your purchase if you are dissatisfied.


Improve Your Photography

The Nature Photography workshop is where photographers discuss and practice portrait and landscape photography.

Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls Workshop
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Held in the Poconos Mountains at Buttermilk Falls, this family-friendly workshop features picturesque waterfalls, deep green woodland colors, and dark stone formations.

Enjoy a stroll beside the scenic Lehigh River. Majestic forest trees provide gentle shaded light that enhances portraits.

Path leading to Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls Workshop

Apply what you learn and make a scenic portrait of your visit to the Poconos Mountains as a souvenir.

This workshop is open to all topics. Explore your interests, from camera settings to the photography studio business - whatever comes to mind.

A cell phone is okay for this workshop! Or bring your favorite digital or vintage film camera.

Lehigh River next to Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls Workshop
Lehigh River

This two-hour workshop is a casual event limited to five participants. Nonparticipating family or friends are free to tag along!

It is held inside the Lehigh Gorge State Park, about 25 minutes north of Jim Thorpe, PA. The park entrance is on Rockport Road in Weatherly, PA.

A map of buttermilk falls with parking location and workshop meeting location.

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A large parking area is located at the Rockport Trailhead. A narrow road leads downhill to a smaller parking area, where Robert will meet you.

Look for a tall guy with gray hair wearing a black baseball cap embroidered with ""!

ticket for a workshop in Poconos $ 19

The Because You Love studio will cheerfully refund your purchase if you are dissatisfied.