journalistic photograph of bride and groom leave after the wedding ceremony

artisitc photograph of bride in doorway

bride and groom have their first dance together

journalistic photograph of a happy bride just before tossing her flower boquet

journalistic photograph of the bride and groom walking after their ceremony

romantic photograph of the bride and groom kissing

journalistic photograph of the bride and groom having their first dance

'You will have your photographs forever, the husband ... who knows?'
- Rhonda Britten
What is your style of wedding photography?
Journalistic with added dimensions in artistic composition and classic portraiture. I am unobtrusive and focus on artistically capturing the emotional story of your wedding day.

What is your specialty?
Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography. A favorite is a wedding where the bride and groom want to artistically capture the story of their special day. Another favorite is a creative on-location romantic or family portraiture session.

What makes you different as a wedding and portrait photographer?
First and foremost I love what I do! My mission is to "Capture loving moments in sophisticated art." I have over 30 years of in-depth study and experience in photography. During the last 10 years I have been working full-time as a professional wedding and portrait photographer, and still am. I'm constantly pushing myself to improve and this has given me a unique opportunity to do so, while also allowing me to prepare during the week for every wedding and portrait session.

Where are you located?
In Bucks County, PA. This area in Southeastern Pennsylvania is convenient to locations such as Allentown, Doylestown, Bethlehem, The Poconos, Reading, Lancaster, Pottstown, New Hope, Philadelphia PA, and many more.

Will we meet you to talk about our photography?
Yes, you will meet with me from our very first meeting. And you will work with me from start to finish. Personal rapport and communication with your photographer makes a huge difference in your photography and in your special day. You will have my personal cell-phone number. You will not be burdened with anyone 'in the middle' like sales planners, telemarketers, photo-consultants, or office staff. Here's my Privacy Policy.

How many weddings do you book in one day?
Only one - exclusively yours. This enables me to arrive early, to get mentally centered, and to be free of time pressure. And, this provides you with greater flexibility in planning your wedding day. Want to change your starting time? No problem.

Will you be our actual wedding photographer?
Yes. I will be your photographer at your wedding.

Our wedding is on a Wednesday. Are you available on weekdays?

Are all of the photos on this website captured by you, personally?
Yes. is my website, and it only displays photographs that were captured personally by Robert Winton. All of the wedding images that you see here on my website were captured during real weddings. All of the engagement and family portraits were captured from real portrait sessions. The images are from real weddings, real people, real moments, real emotion!

Do you have examples of your work?
Yes. Several. My gallery of journalistic wedding photography features images from weddings.

What's the soonest we can see our photographs?
In about one week your beautiful on-line gallery will feature selected images from your wedding or portrait session. You could visit it from an internet cafe anywhere in the world. Too busy after your honeymoon to email images to your family and friends? Then simply email them a link to your gallery!

Can we get all of the images from our wedding photography?
Yes. You will receive a complete collection of the original full-size digital jpg images from the camera. They are gently and individually hand optimized for brightness, color and clarity. They remain full-size as captured in the camera and in the original colors so that you will enjoy the maximum creative potential of every image for the future. You will have rights to keep and print all of your wedding photography images for your personal use. I call them hostage free!

Will our complete camera image collection be available promptly?
Yes, in about 2 weeks after your wedding.

Are Artistically Enhanced Prints professionally retouched?
Yes. Every Artistically Enhanced image begins with the original Camera Image. A proprietary 25 step process is then added to create impact. Additional special effects may chosen such as black/white, sepia, spot-color and much more. Finally your print is developed on real photographic paper (not ink jet). Your Artistically Enhanced Print is a rich photography heirloom!

Will our Storybook Wedding Album be custom designed?
Yes. Our work together continues into Robert's Signature Design of your Journalistic Storybook album. You will be invited to select your favorite images for your album and will see your creative artistic design transpire. And, you will have input in ever stage of the process as your custom album takes shape!

Do we get the Photoshop files for the Storybook Album and Artistically Enhanced Prints?
Sorry, no. I shamelessly admit that I do not share my Photoshop files. Many of my techniques are proprietary. They are created to hopefully provide Storybook Albums, Artistically Enhanced Prints, and your Online Gallery for you and your family -- if that's your wish.

What type of photographic equipment will you use during our wedding?
Professional level Nikon digital SLR cameras, lenses, and lighting: like those you often see used by magazine photo-journalists. My cameras are extremely high quality, light, unobtrusive and quick. My lenses and cameras are superior to the common consumer grades.

Can my guests take pictures?
Yes. I actually do enjoy the interaction with guest photographers, most often. Please just consider how you'll manage their number and behavior ... as they can invent surprising ways to intrude into your moments and to damage my lighting. Further, they might not understand your wishes.

Do you use digital or film cameras?
All digital. I have 30+ years of photography experience. Prior to 2006 I captured weddings on film. During 2006 I moved from film to all digital.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes. I have three or more of all important equipment. All of my cameras capture images simultaneously to two different memory cards for added reliability. Back at the studio, multiple image backups are made with sophisticated error checking copy software, and then secured inside a large heavy safe. I began working on computers in 1976 and know how to properly take care of your priceless digital files so that they get safely into your hands.

Do you offer discounts and bonuses, and do you take credit cards?
Yes. Discounts and bonuses are offered. Options are 'haggle free' and they are openly published for everyone to see here Wedding Photography Options and Packages Credit cards are accepted.

Are you a full-time photographer?

How long have you been in business as a professional wedding photographer?
Since May of 2005. I plan to be doing this for many more years!

Can we chat with you while we plan our wedding?
Yes. You will have direct contact with me as your wedding photographer. You will have my direct email address and cell phone number.