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Fence Post Sunrise, One of Robert Winton's First Photographs

Robert Winton is a professional journalistic Wedding Photographer in Pennsylvania, and started practicing photography over 40 years ago.

"This photograph might be one of my first. My photography teacher challenged us to discover the passion of being a photographer - in our backyards! I developed this film using an enlarger in a darkroom sometime around 1973."

"Later, in 1982, I started programming computers and moved into the 'digital' age. Little did I guess then that the computer would ultimately replace the darkroom!"

Robert first assisted a professional wedding photographer sometime around 1980, and he soloed on his first 'friends and family' wedding sometime around 1985. His wedding photography continued developing to where he began receiving more frequent requests. By 2000, family, friends, and neighbors began urging Robert to make wedding photography a full-time career.

During in the spring of 2005, Robert opened his studio.

Today Robert serves clients in Pennsylvania as a dedicated full-time wedding photographer.

"As a wedding photographer, expression and composition still captivate me after 30 years of dedication to the art of photography."
- Robert Winton