client testimonials.


Photography testimonial by Randy and Jen

"It shows in Robert's work he has photography experience and is dedicated to capturing every speical moment of that special day." -- Randy and Jen

Photography testimonial by Karen and Bob

"Awesome experience. Would do the photography again." -- Karen and Bob

Photography testimonial by Nora and Jason

"We loved everything! Thank you !!!" -- Nora and Jason

Photography testimonial by Nicklaus and Abigail

"We loved working with you and are VERY happy with the results!" -- Nicklaus and Abigail

Photography testimonial by Holly and Greg

"We were so glad you could be a part of our day. We couldn't have asked for more. The pictures are perfect!" -- Holly and Greg

Photography testimonial by Victoria and Peter

"Very good candid shots and knowledge of positioning." -- Victoria and Peter

Photography testimonial by Joseph and Dana

"Robert seemed excited to cover our wedding and reception. He clearly loves his craft. It all showed in our final pics. We knew from the start it would be perfect & we couldn't be happier! Thank you :) !!" -- Joseph and Dana

Photography testimonial by Jean and Michael

"Thank you so much for capturing the joy on everyone's faces on the most special day of our lives! We will remember forever. Best wishes to Because You Love! :)" -- Jean and Michael

Photography testimonial by Brian and Lauren

"Overall we were extremely happy with the quality of our photos. Robert even took extra time to capture our day." -- Brian and Lauren

Photography testimonial by Ryan and Dana

"Thank you! We love the pictures!" -- Ryan and Dana

Photography testimonial by Tina and Erik

"Robert was absolutely wonderful to work with from the very first phone call. No detail goes unnoticed and each and every photo captures a memerable moment. I have recommended Robert to everyone I know and will continue to, as long as I know anyone in need of a photographer. You Rock!" -- Tina and Erik

Photography testimonial by Lisa and Frank

"We love our pictures! Thank you so much." -- Lisa and Frank

Photography testimonial by Ben and Lauren

"We were tremendously pleased with your desire to capture our wedding, how ever we wanted it to be captured. The photos were beautiful and the album is a piece of art itself. Thank you for capturing these memories." -- Ben and Lauren

Photography testimonial by Jamie and Tim

"We were so happy with everything - service was great and we would definitely recommend to our family and friends. We really appreciate all of your wonderful work." -- Jamie and Tim

Photography testimonial by Sarah and Ben

"We organized; knew the locations well - visited before wedding day; excellent photos" -- Sarah and Ben

Photography testimonial by Robyn and Luke

"Excellent :) !!" -- Robyn and Luke

Photography testimonial by Tina and Michael

"Extremely professional! Had fantastic insight and ideas on how to make our wedding day as great as it could be. We have already recommended Robert to other couples. More importantly, we will be enjoying the phenominal photos from ouor wedding day for many years to come." -- Tina and Michael

Photography testimonial by Kristin and Michael

"Awesome and Beautiful !!!" -- Kristin and Michael

Photography testimonial by Kimberly and Jeremiah

"We felt there was good coverage of our entire wedding day. We can look through all of our photographs and be able to see the whole story of our day. It was very easy to work with you pre and post - wedding day, as well." -- Kimberly and Jeremiah

Photography testimonial by Lisa and Devon

"Excellent work! Best photographer ever! Loved the photo slide show!" -- Lisa and Devon

Photography testimonial by Elisa and Michael

"Wonderful, professional, easy to work with - captured the moment!" -- Elisa and Michael

Photography testimonial by Ron and Cindy

"You made us feel special. We didn't even know you were there half the time! Very professional. Thank you for making our day special and rememberable! :)" -- Ron and Cindy

Photography testimonial by Heather and Adam

"Fantastic! The images captured every emotion of our wedding day." -- Heather and Adam

Photography testimonial by Bobby and Nanci

"Robert is very professional and very friendly. He works hard to make sure your day is special and you are happy and satisfied with your photos" -- Bobby and Nanci

Photography testimonial by Holly and Dale

"We greatly appreciated your professionalism, yet you still were easy-going and artistic. We know that we chose the perfect photographer for our wedding and for our personalities. You did a fantastic job!" -- Holly and Dale

Photography testimonial by Jeremy and Bozena

"Robert's enthusiasm and passion for photography is manifested in his work. From the moment that we've seen his work, we knew that we had made the right decision. Thank you Robert!" -- Jeremy and Bozena

Photography testimonial by Timothy and Kelly

"Robert, you did beyond amazing work for us w/everything! Between the excellent communication, your professionalism & phenomenal exye for images - just amazing! I would refer you to anyone in a heartbeat." -- Timothy and Kelly

Photography testimonial by Christine and Matthew

"We are so pleased with all of your work. Everyone involved enjoyed working with you. Thank you so much for your talent!" -- Christine and Matthew

Photography testimonial by Rebecca and Peter

"Amazing job. We loved getting to work with you. Thank you so much for making our day even better than it was and for capturing all of the amazing moments of the day." -- Rebecca and Peter

Photography testimonial by John and Lori

"Fantastic work!" -- John and Lori

Photography testimonial by Ben and Jessica

"Amazing photos. Captured everything important and more. Worked extremely well with changes. Very calm. Guests and family members even complimented our photographer. Didn't even know he was there, in a good way." -- Ben and Jessica

Photography testimonial by Adam and Richelle

"We could not be more please with our pictures. They are absolutely beautiful! We have received so many compliments on your work and your "hustle" to get pictures of everything." -- Adam and Richelle

Photography testimonial by Cristina and William

"It was such a wonderful day and we got so many pictures to remember it with." -- Cristina and William

Photography testimonial by Adriene and Bryan

"If your looking for a talented, kind & fun photographer, Robert is your man! You will not be disappointed." -- Adriene and Bryan

Photography testimonial by Valerie and Andrew

"It is said that your wedding day is your "big day". While it is, the days that follow will be happier because you captured the moments closest to my heart. You rock!" -- Valerie and Andrew

Photography testimonial by Devon and John

"Robert does an excellent job of capturing "in moment" shots. He is very friendly, making everyone in photographs feeling comfortable and looking their best!! Thank you Robert!" -- Devon and John

Photography testimonial by Caroline and Hans

"So much fun to work with, laid back (which, on a stressful day is key) & generally all round very talented photographer. Thanks so much!" -- Caroline and Hans

Photography testimonial by Alaina and Steven

"Our pictures are absolutely amazing. We couldn't have asked for anything better. :) !!" -- Alaina and Steven

Photography testimonial by Matt and Kris

"Everything was very professional and the photos were even better than I imagined! I appreciated all the detailed, journalistic pictures!" -- Matt and Kris

Photography testimonial by Kelly and Anthony

"I couldn't have asked for anything more -- These photos were everything I wanted and more. Robert captured the unique spirit of my wedding day and created beautiful images that I will cherish forever." -- Kelly and Anthony

Photography testimonial by Kelly and Brad

"Very please with all levels of service -- quality is excellent." -- Kelly and Brad

Photography testimonial by Ashley and Matt

"We loved robert's work! Hands down best photography! We were very pleased!" -- Ashley and Matt

Photography testimonial by Tara and Steven

"You rock! Thanks for the perfect job!" -- Tara and Steven

Photography testimonial by Derrick and Sarah

"Thank you for capturing all the moments we would've missed. Everything was wonderful. You are awesome! Thank you so much." -- Derrick and Sarah

Photography testimonial by Janice and Sean

"Images were perfect! Very happy with how the entire day was captured!" -- Janice and Sean

Photography testimonial by Kate and Alex

"We couldn't be more happy. Excellent pictures and perfectly professional." -- Kate and Alex

Photography testimonial by James and Stefanie

"Sometimes you were in front of us and blocking our view. But after looking at the pictures, it was worth it." -- James and Stefanie

Photography testimonial by Hellen and Travis

"Loved hearing "I'm at your service!" True customer appreciation!" -- Hellen and Travis

Photography testimonial by Nicole and Bradley

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. The pictures turned out perfect, and I know they will be a wonderful reminder of the wedding. Thank you so much for everything." -- Nicole and Bradley

Photography testimonial by Vickie and Bill

"Very professional. Respectful of guests. Took great shots! Thanks for capturing all of our memories." -- Vickie and Bill

Photography testimonial by Lauren and Zach

"Loved the quick thinking on the broken glass and bats." -- Lauren and Zach

Photography testimonial by LeighAnn and John

"We are so very happy with the quality of photograhs. Robert captured moments in our wedding that we will always cherish." -- LeighAnn and John

Photography testimonial by Laura and Brad

"Robert has a wonderful attitude for his work. He also has a great! eye for picking up details in pictures. The work he did for our wedding was outstanding. He truly has an amazing talent!" -- Laura and Brad

Photography testimonial by Brad and Lauren

"Wonderful job & even better pictures! Thank you so much for traveling to Columbus OH - we really appreciate all of your hard work to capture our special day!" -- Brad and Lauren

Photography testimonial by Jennifer and Rich

"Amazing, artistic, professional! Working with Robert was one of the highlights of the wedding planning process." -- Jennifer and Rich

Photography testimonial by Dan and Stephanie

"Awesome pictures :)" -- Dan and Stephanie

Photography testimonial by Emily and Nick

"Robert was so professional and artistic and an absolute pleasure to work with. We couldn't have wished for better photographs of our wedding day!" -- Emily and Nick