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A place to share the inspirations behind my photographs, and perhaps a little bit of the story behind them.

wedding album design for brides

A wedding album gives the magical touch to a bride's special wedding day.

Bourbon by the fire

A glass of bourbon by a warm fireplace.

A Portrait Expressing Loss

The grief of losing someone special is a feeling that we will all experience at some time in our lives.

How do You Display an Artistic Romantic Portrait?

Displaying a romantic portrait goes beyond putting a 5x7 print on a desk or posting an online profile image.

How do You Capture a Meaningful Portrait?

I absolutely love this portrait. It looks like one of those old vinyl album covers.

New Year's Eve Fireworks

At a New Year's Eve wedding in Gettysburg Pennsylvania the time reached midnight.

The many different sizes of an 8x12 Print

An 8x12 print does not need to be framed inside an 8x12 frame, unless that's what you wish.