bride and groom embrace in a romantic portrait as framed wall art.

for your lifetime and beyond.

How to Display Your Aristically Captured Romantic Portrait

How do you best display a romantic portrait? This goal goes far beyond using a 5x7 desk frame or uploading an online social image. Assuming that you have a beautiful romantic portrait, the next step is to take your image from digital and make it something that you can hold. Do this by celebrating the key aspects of an artistic photograph and using it to create a wall size Museum Art that displays in your home for a life-time.

Begin by selecting an image that looks intriguing from a distance. Proper composition contributes greatly. Then, as the viewer approaches the display, closer inspection should reveal interesting details. These details might be a contribution of small items and textures.

Enhance the image in your favorite graphics software. Such a system for creating an artistically enhanced print may take many years to perfect and will probably require over dozens of steps. While, I miss the romance of seeing an image reveal itself for the first time in chemical developer, there are many stylistic options provided by using computer software like Photoshop.

Consider creating a custom background image to surround the center image within a beautiful frame. Paper photo mats have been a wonderful option for framing an image, particularly when going for a more formal display. Yet, today, custom designed backgrounds provide infinitely more options than traditional paper photo mats.

Having said all of that, I often personally love a portrait framed in a simple solid black frame with a plain white photo mat, especially if it's a black and white!

The most important consideration is that the presentation should have an intent that comes from the heart, not from a store shelf.

The print and the frame should both be of the highest possible quality. As with fine clothes, the details do matter. Use an excellent laboratory to create your print on real photographic paper from a real photographic process. Select a frame that is made from excellent material, yet is not complex, so that it does not demand attention from the image.

An important image is something that you should plan on displaying in your home for your lifetime, and beyond.

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