portrait of the pain of a lost love

"Missing You".

A Fine Art Emotional Portrait About Loss

The emotion of losing someone special is a feeling that we will all experience at some time in our lives. We cope with the pain in different ways. Expressing our hearts outwardly can be a way of confronting our grief and expressing the depth of our loss.

In this portrait, I strive to create a photograph that embodies our human need to show how we feel.

I positioned the model surrounded between heavy sharp stair newels to symbolize her sharp and immovable pain. Additional lighting casts chaotic shadows from the newels on to the back wall, which symbolizes that even when we can sometimes hide these feelings, they remain ever present. The scene lighting transforms a once elegant grand staircase, into one that is now dark and distressing.

I lit the model more brightly than the surrounding scene to highlight her being alone. Her pose suggests that she is looking for something that is missing.

I call it, "Missing You".

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